Friday, 20 January 2012

I've been meaning to start a blog on my views on technology innovation for some time, and the start of a New Year is as good a time as any.  So, here goes.

Why do I have anything to say about technology innovation?  Becaue I have had a lifetime of involvement in it.  From the time when I was post doc in Buffalo NY when I did what I thought were interesting things with membranes which would now be called imedance spectroscopy, and incidentally created an algorithm ADDFIT, which for the first time allowed standard addition methods to be used with logaritmically responding electrodes, and is now widely used, I have been fascinated by technology innovation.  I've done other things with more impact along the way, like developing the first high speed electrodes for blood electrolytes, which changed the world from using flame photometers.  And I also headed the team responsible for the first on-vehicle demostration of a liquid fueleld fuel cell/battery hybrid.

That's enough introduction.  More later

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